Participation Guidelines
  • Festival participants are expected to attend and be part of Festival-sponsored activities and performances.

  • Take full advantage of the Festival by arriving on time for workshops and performances.  Tickets for performances are valid only until published performance times.  At published curtain times, empty seats will be filled by participants who do not have tickets (except for All-State). 

  • If you, or your school, have performance tickets that you are not going to use or swap, please turn them in to the swap desk at least 30 minutes before curtain time. 

  • Information about the Ticket Swap Desk for ticket exchange can be found in the Festival program. 

  • As an audience member, you are part of the performance, but you are not a performer.  Therefore, good manners toward those on stage are extremely important. 

  • No one may save seats for any performance.

  • No food or drink is allowed in the theatres and workshop spaces, with the exception of bottled water. 

  • The use of any audio or video recording device or camera in any theatre is prohibited, including picture and video phones.

  • Plan to maintain a full schedule for both Friday and Saturday.  Get plenty of rest so you do not find yourself losing interest or energy in the middle of the day.  Many professionals and schools have donated time to provide quality workshops and shows.  Please show your appreciation by attending every event that you can. 

  • You must wear your Festival badge to all events, including Friday night activities.  Your badge must include your full name and school name and your sponsor’s name and phone number.  Note:  A sponsor, monitor, or University staff member has the right to ask to see your badge.  Replacement badges must be purchased at the Festival headquarters (for $3.00) if originals are lost.  Replacement Festival Program books are also available at Festival headquarters (for $4.00). 

  • The use of drugs/alcohol during attendance at the Festival is absolutely prohibited.  Parents of a student who is found in violation will be contacted and requested to remove the student immediately - no matter what time of the day or night. 

  • The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a smoke-free campus.  Smoking is prohibited in all University buildings, the Quad, and all other outdoor areas on campus. In addition, students are not allowed to smoke at any of the hotels.

  • Vaping is also prohibited on campus.  

  • Students should travel in groups of at least two and inform their chaperone of their schedule.  Emergency phones are located throughout the campus and will connect you to the campus police, if needed.  (Refer to back of name badge for emergency numbers.)

  • Curfew: City ordinance requires that no minor be on the streets without an adult after 11:00 pm on Thursday and 11:59 pm on Friday.  In an effort to keep hotel behavior consistent among all schools and to keep the Festival a positive event for everyone, the Festival has established a housing curfew.  All students are expected to be in their rooms and quiet by 12:00 am on Thursday and 1:00 am on Friday.

  • Please remember that you are representatives of your school’s theatre program, and you should conduct yourselves accordingly.  The Festival is a time to share new ideas and concepts.  It is expected that you will be polite and respectful at all performances and workshops. 

  • Courteous behavior is expected at Champaign-Urbana area hotels, restaurants, and stores.

  • Participants acknowledge that photos/videos may be taken by authorized individuals and used for educational, instructional, or promotional purposes in any print, broadcast, and/or electronic media formats. 

  • Sponsors are asked to remind students of appropriate technology use, particularly in regards to photography and video. Recording is prohibited in places and in activities where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy.


           No calls, texting, or instant messaging allowed during performances or workshops! Students found using phones during performances will have their phones confiscated (Confiscated phones can be picked up at the Festival Headquarters.) 


Campus Police stay tuned
Rescue Squad 911
Festival Headquarters      stay tuned

First Aid Services will be located in: (stay tuned for details).  In other emergencies, please call 911.
Photo/Video and Social Media Best Practices

  • Participants acknowledge that photos/videos may be taken by authorized individuals and used for educational, instructional, or promotional purposes in any print, broadcast, and/or electronic media formats.
  • Sponsors are asked to remind students that any content on social media sites and/or personal blogs/websites shall be appropriate to the IHSTF's  mission and purpose, as well as students’ roles as representatives of their schools.